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Final ideas for digi-fab

Posted at — Nov 7, 2019

Continue working on the Containers

Currently designing another container for insects and designing the PCB board for each of them.

For insect container:

Make it to be a DIY kit. People can buy a packet with parts, electronics, finished PCB board. They will do some assmabling, solding and testing. And get the container made by themselves.

Rather than buying a product, buying an experience.

Make a chair

Just make A chair. Think about the shape A.

I like the first shape.

Make its height adjustable.

I always think about the relations between nature, human and product.

For example, I enjoy siting on the grass.

I think dogs and cats love it too.

How to bring them together as a product?

Grow some grass or moss under the chair?

Now they can be together. You can also find a place to put your laptop, books and phone.

A rough sketch.

Cables are always annoying.